Legislative Acts on ICT - Digital Signatures

Countrysort icon Title Entry into force
Electronic Commerce 2004
Electronic Signature Act 1999
Albania Law on Electronic Signature 2008
Argentina Administrative Decision 6 2007
Argentina Digital Signature 2001
Armenia Law on Electronic Document and Electronic Signature 2005
Austria Electronic Signature Act 2000
Austria Austrian Signature Ordinance 2008
Azerbaijan Law on Digital Electronic Signature 2004
Bahamas Electronic Communications and Transactions Act 2003
Barbados Electronic Transactions Act 2001
Belgium e-Signature Act 2001
Belgium Law on the use of Electronic Signature in Judicial and Extra-Judicial Proceedings 2000
Belize Electronic Transactions Act 2003
Brazil Medida Provisória n. 2.200-2, de 24 de Agosto de 2001 2001
Bulgaria Law for the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature 2001
Canada Secure Electronic Signature Regulations 2005
Chile Law on Electronic Documents n. 19.799/ 2002 2002
Chile Law 20.217/2007 2007
China Electronic Signature Law 2005
Colombia Law 527/1999 1999
Costa Rica Law of Certificates, Digital Signatures and Electronic Documents 2005
Croatia Electronic Signature Act 2002
Czech Republic Electronic Signatures Act 2000
Dominican Republic Law 126/02 on Electronic Commerce, Digital Documents and Signatures 2002
Ecuador Law on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signature and Electronic Data 2002
Egypt Electronic Signature Law 2004
Estonia Digital Signatures Act 2000
European Union Directive 1999/93/EC on a Community Framework for Electronic Signatures 1999
Finland Act on Electronic Signatures 2003
France Law on Electronic Signature 2000
France Ordinance on Electronic Interactions Between Public Services Users and Public Authorities and Among Public Authorities 2005
Germany Digital Signature Act 2001
Germany First Law Amending the Signature Act 2005
Germany Ordinance on Electronic Signatures 2001
Guatemala Act for the Recognition of the Communications and Electronic Signatures 2008
Iceland Act on Electronic Signatures 2001
Ireland Electronic Commerce Act 2000
Italy Legislative Decree no. 10 on Electronic Signatures 2002
Jamaica The Electronic Transactions Act 2007
Japan Law Concerning Electronic Signatures and Certification Services 2000
Latvia Electronic Documents Law 2003
Liechtenstein Law on Electronic Signature 2003
Lithuania Law on Electronic Signature 2000
MERCOSUR Resolution 37/2006 2006
Macedonia Law on Data in Electronic Form and Electronic Signature 2001
Malaysia Electronic Commerce Act 2006
Malta Electronic Commerce Act 2001
Mauritius Electronic Transactions Act 2000
Montenegro Electronic Signature Law
Norway Electronic Signature Act 2001
Pakistan Electronic Transaction Ordinance 2002
Panama Law 43/2001 2001
Peru Digital Signatures and Certificates 2000
Philippines Electronic Commerce Act 2000
Poland Act on Electronic Signatures 2001
Portugal Decree-Law 290-D/99 on the Validity, Efficacy, and Probative Value of Electronic Documents and Digital Signatures 1999
Romania Law on Electronic Signature 2001
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Electronic Transactions Act 2007
Samoa Electronic Transactions Act 2008
Saudi Arabia Electronic Transactions Act 2007
Singapore Electronic Transaction Act 1998
Slovakia Act No. 215/2002 on Electronic Signatures 2002
Slovenia Electronic Commerce and Electronic Signature Act 2000
South Korea Electronic Signature Act 1999
South Korea Law 6585/2001 2001
Spain Law on Electronic Signature 2003
Sweden Act on Qualified Electronic Signatures 2001
Turkey Electronic Signature Act 2004
Turkey Ordinance on the Procedures and Principles Pertaining to the Implementation of Electronic Signature Law 2005
Ukraine Law on Electronic Digital Signature 2004
United Kingdom The Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002
United Kingdom Electronic Communications Act 2000
United Nations UNCITRAL Model Law on Electronic Signature 2001
United States Uniform Electronic Transactions Act 1999
Uruguay Law 18.237 2008
Venezuela Ley de Mensaje de Datos y Firmas Electrónicas 2001
Vietnam Decree Detailing the Implementation of the Law on e-Transactions Regarding Digital Signatures and Digital Signature-Certification Services 2007
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