Legislative Acts on ICT - Electronic Communications

Countrysort icon Title Entry into force
Albania Law on Electronic Communications 2008
Angola Basic Telecommunication Law 2001
Armenia Telecommunication Law 1998
Austria Telecommunications Act 2003
Bahrain Telecommunications Law 2002
Bangladesh Telecommunication Act 2001
Belgium Law on Electronic Communications 2005
Belize Electronic Transactions Act 2003
Botswana Telecommuications Act 1996
Botswana Telecommunications Act Amendment 2004
Brazil Telecommunications Law 1997
Bulgaria Law on Electronic Communications 2007
Canada Telecommunications Act 1993
Croatia Law on Telecommunications 2003
Czech Republic Act on Electronic Communications 2005
Dominican Republic General Law on Telecommunications 1998
Egypt Telecommunication Regulation Law 2003
Estonia Electronic Communications Act 2005
European Union Directive 2002/21/EC on a Common Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications Networks and Services (Framework Directive) 2002
European Union Directive 2002/19/EC on Access to, and Interconnection of, Electronic Communications Networks and Associated Facilities (Access Directive) 2002
European Union Directive 2002/20/EC on Authorisation of Electronic Communications Networks and Services (Authorisation Directive) 2002
European Union Directive 2002/22/EC on Universal Service and Users' Rights Relating to Electronic Communications Networks and Services (Universal Service Directive) 2002
Finland Communications Market Act 2003
France Law on electronic communications and audiovisual communication services 2004
Georgia Law on Electronic Communications 2005
Guatemala General Laws of Telecommunications 1996
Guatemala Act for the Recognition of the Communications and Electronic Signatures 2008
Guyana Telecommunications Act 1990
Iceland Electronic Communications Act 2003
Ireland Communications Regulation Act 2002
Italy Electronic Communications Code 2003
Ivory Coast Telecommunications Code 1995
Jamaica The Electronic Transactions Act 2007
Jordan Telecommunications Law 1995
Kenya Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act 2009
Latvia Law on Telecommunications 2001
Lebanon The Telecommunications Act 2002
Liberia Telecommunications Act 2007
Lithuania Law on Electronic Communications 2005
Luxembourg e-Communications Act 2005
Luxembourg Loi du 30 mai 2005 on Network Services and Electronic Communications 2005
Macedonia Law on Electronic Communications 2005
Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Act 1998
Malta Regulations made under the Electronic Communications [Regulation] Act (Chapter 399 of the Laws of Malta) enacted by Act XXXIII of 1997 2001
Malta Electronic Communications Act 2004
Mauritania Loi réglementant les télécommunications 1999
Mauritius The Telecommunications Act 1998
Mexico Ley Federal de Telecomunicaciones 1995
New Zealand Telecommunications Act 2001
Nigeria Nigeria Communications Act 2003
Norway Electronic Communications Act 2003
Pakistan Act n. II of 2006 - Pakistan Telecommunication Amendment Act 2006
Poland Telecommunications Law 2004
Portugal Law n. 5/2004 2004
Qatar Telecommunications Law 2006
Samoa Telecommunications Act 2005
Sierra Leone The Telecommunications Act 2006
Slovenia Electronic Communications Act 2004
Sweden The Electronic Communications Act 2003
Switzerland The Federal Telecommunications Law 1997
Togo Law on Telecommunications 1998
Trinidad and Tobago The Telecommunications Act 2001
United Kingdom Electronic Communications Act 2000
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