UK: Bristol Community Health CIC goes mobile

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Following a successful pilot, social enterprise and National Health Service (NHS) healthcare provider Bristol Community Health Community Interest Company (CIC) has recently gone live with the TotalMobile™ App Platform across three of their community healthcare teams and their citywide phlebotomy service.

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The TotalMobile App, a mobile workflow management solution, allows healthcare professionals to spend less time on administration and travel, and more with patients. Through this app, professionals within Bristol Community Health such as community matrons, district nurses, phlebotomists, and community nurses for older people are able to view patient demographic and clinical records, update patient information and record clinical activities at the point of patient contact by working with mobile devices such as tablets.

Bristol Community Health is the provider of NHS-funded Community Healthcare in Bristol and its surrounding areas and has 30 000 interactions with patients every month. The TotalMobile App has been deployed to over 60 clinicians for proof of concept during the pilot. Throughout the pilot, Bristol Community Health worked closely with the app provider to ensure both the patients' and their healthcare workers' experiences were vastly improved.

Implementing the solution has enabled healthcare professionals at Bristol Community Health to work more effectively and efficiently with patient information automatically updated at the point of care therefore reducing duplicate data entries. Not only has this removed a very inefficient process of going to the patient's home, filling in forms onsite and then filling in the same forms at base, it means sharing information with other clinicians within the care pathway in an easier, more immediate and less time consuming manner.

The TotalMobile App Platform draws information from the core clinical system which Bristol Community Health utilise to a mobile device, so that all the information pertaining to a patient can be viewed in a single view.

Bristol Community Health have also been able to overcome challenges in connectivity as the solution allows staff to securely login to the application offline, for devices temporarily without a signal, access recent patient history and treatment plans, and clinical records which automatically updates the core clinical system. Security of patient information is rigorous to ensure data is secure on the device, and also during transmission to back-office systems, so information such as an electronic patient record is never exposed, even if a device is lost.

Julia Clarke, Chief Executive at Bristol Community Health said: "With the success we have achieved with the pilot in the initial stages, the only logical step for us was to go live with the TotalMobile App Platform across the remaining pilot teams within our organisation. We wanted to become a more productive team, and to care more efficiently for the people we serve and we feel that we are making significant strides to achieving this goal. We have been able to eliminate time-wasting journeys therefore allowing staff to be more responsive, with the ability of 80% of staff leaving home and going straight to patient visits rather than coming into base. 100% of our staff involved in the initial pilot say that they now feel less stressed and more satisfied at work. To have our staff’s lives improved in this way has had an extremely positive impact all round; they are happier to come to work, staff workloads are more manageable as a result and we deliver a superior service to our patients."

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