Parliaments and the Information Society

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The advancement of the Information Society in ways that benefit all segments of the global community calls for the involvement of diverse stakeholders, including international organizations; national, regional, and local governments; the private sector; and groups representing civil society.

Key among those stakeholders are the parliaments of the world. There is a growing awareness that legislatures must strengthen their role in ensuring the realization of the diverse and inclusive environment articulated through the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) process. Parliaments can help establish a firm legislative foundation that promotes broad information and communications societal goals, pass laws that address specific issues arising from the implications of a “wired” society, oversee the implementation of related regulations and programmes initiated by the executive branch of government, and foster innovation and investment in information and communication technologies (ICT) by the private sector.

The Global Centre for ICT in Parliament intends to provide a platform through which parliaments and parliamentarians can share information and experiences, discuss issues related to the WSIS implementation process at the global level, and contribute to the advancement of the Information Society.