Parliaments and Citizens

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Titlesort icon Authors Year
A New Agenda for e-democracy Stephen Coleman and Donald F. Norris 2004
African e-governance – Opportunities and Challenges Professor Stephen Coleman 2005
Assessing the effectiveness of e-democracy applications Richard Allan 2006
Bigger Cities, Smaller Screens: Urbanization, Mobile Phones, and Digital Media Trends in Africa Adam Clayton Powell III September 2012
Can People Help Legislators Make Better Laws? Cristiano Ferri Faria; e-Democracia Project; House of Representatives of Brazil 2010
Communicating with Congress: How Capitol Hill is Coping with the Surge in Citizen Advocacy Brad Fitch and Kathy Goldschmidt 2005
Communicating with Congress: How the Internet Has Changed Citizen Engagement Kathy Goldschmidt and Leslie Ochr 2008
Communicating with Congress: Recommendations for Improving the Democratic Dialogue Tim Hysom 2008
Connecting Citizens to Parliament Andy Williamson; Matt Korris; Freddy Fallon; Beccy Allen August 2011
Connecting parliament to the public via the internet: two case studies of online consultations Stephen Coleman 2004
Connecting Parliament with the Public 2004
Democracy at the Click of a Mouse - An evaluation of the NCOP Online! information management system Erica Breth 2000
Developing and Implementing Knowledge Management in the Parliament of Finland Riitta Suurla, Markku Markkula and Olli Mustajärvi
e-Constituent Relationship Management for State Legislators Graduate School of Political Management / George Washington University 2008
E-consultation: evaluating appropriate technologies and processes for citizens G. Honor Fagan; D. R. Newman; Paul McCusker and Michael Murray 2006
E-democracy Keith Parry 2004
e-Democracy Survey 2005 - Local authorities experiences of democracy on and off line 2005
E-democracy the new member states in line with the Lisbon strategy Olav Aarna 2006
E-democracy. Putting down global roots Janet Caldow 2004
E-governance to e-democracy: examining the evolution Thomas B. Riley and Cathia Gilbert Riley 2003
E-Parliament as a tool for fostering parliamentarian networks Pierre Dandjinou 2006
e-Participatory Budgeting: e-Democracy from theory to success? Tiago Peixoto 2008
eCitizen2.0 The ordinary citizen as a supplier of public-sector information Petter Bae Brandtz 2008
Enhancing Parliament’s Ability to Communicate with Members of the Public Hansard Society 2008
Evaluation of the use of new technologies in order to facilitate democracy in Europe Democratizing the parliaments and parties of Europe Alexander H. Trechsel; Raphael Kies; Fernando Mendez; Philippe C. Schmitter 2004
General Recommendations on eDemocracy CALRE’s edemocracy Working Group 2006
Governance and the Internet Richard Rose 2004
Guideline n° 9: e-democracy Herbert Kubicek; Hilmar Westholm and Roman Winkler 2003
How Citizen Advocacy is Changing Mail Operations on Capitol Hill Congressional Management Foundation
How Parliaments Use Social Media - A guide for parliaments Cristina Leston-Bandeira, David Bender
Internet and democracy: Analysis of network-based communication from cultural aspects Armin Grunwald; Gerhard Banse; Christopher Coenen; Leonhard Hennen 2005
L’idée de democratie electronique origines, visions, questions Thierry Vedel 2003
Members Only? - Parliament in the Public Eye David Puttnam 2006
MIDEM. Models for Interactive Decision Making Auli Keskinen 2004
MPs Online: Connecting with Constituents Andy Williamson 2009
New Democracies; New Media: What's New? - A study of e-participation projects in third-wave democracies Stephen Coleman; Ildiko Kaposi 2009
Open Parliament in the Age of Internet: Can people collaborate with Legislature in the legislative process? Cristiano Ferri Soares de Faria 2012
Organising and Managing Parliamentary Websites - A guide for parliaments Cristina Leston-Bandeira, Louise Thompson
Parliament and Democracy in the 21st Century 2005
Petitioning Europe. Le petizioni online tra strategie di comunicazione istituzionale e pratiche di cittadinanza dell'Unione Europea Daria Santucci 2006
Policy guidelines for the development and promotion of governmental public domain information Paul F. Uhlir 2004
Promise and Problems of E-Democracy: Challenges of online citizen engagement Ann Macintosh; Stephen Coleman 2003
Public Media 2.0: Dynamic, Engaged Publics Jessica Clark; Pat Aufderheide 2009
Some applications of information technology to citizen participation in politics Michael Macpherson
Spinning the Web: online campaigning in the 2005 general election Stephen Coleman and Stephen Ward 2005
The Connected Republic 2.0, New Possibilities & New Value for the Public Sector Paul Johnston; Martin Stewart-Weeks 2007
The Internet and the 2008 Election Aaron Smith; Lee Rainie 2008
The open parliament in the age of the internet: can the people now collaborate with legislatures in lawmaking? Cristiano Ferri Soares de Faria 2013
What citizens want: How young citizens are behaving in the digital era and what parliamentarians need to know to respond 2006
What works - Key lessons from recent e-Democracy literature 2005