World e-Parliament Conferences

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are essential in supporting the work of legislative bodies throughout the world.

As these technologies mature and grow in sophistication, they acquire the necessary flexibility and capabilities to assist legislatures in their most important responsibilities: making the laws that guide the nation; conducting oversight of the executive as it carries out its mandates; and communicating with the citizens, who determine who shall represent them.

In today’s “wired world” parliaments must capitalize on the benefits of ICT to function effectively, to interact with the public, and to collaborate with other parliaments around the world.

The World e-Parliament Conferences are designed to provide an opportunity to debate the challenges and benefits provided by ICT and to analyze successful approaches, and identify good practices and lessons learned. 

The Conferences are primarily aimed at parliamentarians, Secretaries General and parliamentary staff and officials who work with ICT, such as legislative staff, IT administrators, knowledge managers and librarians.

Past conferences

World e-Parliament  Conference 2014

At the meeting of the Association of Secretaries General of Parliament, which took place in Geneva in parallel with the IPU Assembly, the Secretary General of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea announced today that the IPU and the National Assembly will co-host the 6th World e-Parliament Conference in Seoul in May 2014. The Secretary General stressed that "the Conference will serve as a platform to explore the future of e-Parliament and discuss how to strengthen global cooperation based on creativity and imagination by sharing experiences in e-Parliament development and the status of IT advancements".